List Of NASCAR Racing Series

If you are not new to the field of NASCAR, you should be well versed with the list of NASCAR racing series. There are many racing series of NASCAR race that features drivers from distinct levels of talent. They compete in several events and follow rules set by the sanctioning body. Although, there are many racing series, the three main nationwide NASCAR series are discussed below.

  •         NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

This is one of the main series wherein you can find the stars of NASCAR including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, and Jeff Gordon. The cars of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series weigh 3,450 pounds with their engines producing around 850 horsepower. This means that the cars have the capability of reaching speeds more than 180 mph at certain tracks.

  •         NASCAR Nationwide Series

There are several drivers from this particular series that make their move in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series once their driving skills are honed. You will find some of the great stars from NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing here to practice and to compete. Many drivers like series starts head Jason Keller stick in this series as they like the competition. When it comes to the weight of the NASCAR Nationwide Series cars, it is 3,400 pounds with engines that produce up to 750 horsepower. As a result, the cars are relatively slower when compared to the counterparts of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

  •         NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

This series was formed in the year 1995 and features pickup trucks that have engines with over 750 horsepower. The trucks have the capability of going around 180 mph on specific tracks. The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is quite similar when compared to the NASCAR Nationwide Series as there are several drivers aiming to advance to Sprint Cup Competition while others are simply happy to earn a living by driving the race trucks.

  •         Other NASCAR Series

NASCAR also has other smaller series that is segregated based on region. However, the smaller series are neither national weekly completion nor are they always televised. They are basically a low completion race mainly for rookies, but you will find short track veterans also taking part in it. When rookies earn adequate success in such a series, they can move up to other advanced series like the Nationwide Series. The majority of the drivers begin with a smaller series of NASCAR that includes a weekly series or a touring division. When the drivers come this far, they can easily handle a car from the top series.

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