Popular Nascar Drivers

Although NASCAR is a sporting activity that is reasonably easy to learn the ropes of, numerous new followers still have concerns. Among the most generally concerns asked is “which driver should I support and why?” Although there are over thirty NASCAR drivers to select from, some are far more popular and preferred compared to others. To help you find out more regarding the sporting activity of racing, and the experts behind the wheel, a couple of popular NASCAR drivers and their achievements are listed below.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has, maybe, the most recognized name presently associated with the sport of racing. Although a big part of his recognition is due to the remarkable career of his father, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Earnhardt Jr, has done great for himself. With seventeen career wins at the end of the 2007 race season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a NASCAR driver that the majority of followers have their eyes on.

Known for his good appearances and appeal, especially with female followers, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is most popular as the chauffeur of the number 8 Budweiser car. However, that changed in 2008. Because of a team adjustment, Junior became the driver of the number 88, with main sponsors being Mountain Dew Amp and the National Guard.

Jeff Gordon is another popular NASCAR driver. Actually, his name is a well-known one. Jeff Gordon blew onto the auto racing circuit in the 90s and saw success instantly. Actually, lots of NASCAR drivers want the success that Jeff Gordon did when he initially started competing.

Jeff Gordon is driver of the number 24 DuPont and Pepsi car. He is a driver for the infamous Hendrick Motorsports. With 6 championship wins at the end of the 2007 period, Jeff Gordon hasn’t stopped, in terms of attaining the ultimate level of success.

Mark Martin, although much older in age and smarter in maturity compared to that of today’s most prominent NASCAR drivers, is still prominent in his own right. For several NASCAR followers, specifically, those that have been with the sporting activity since the early 90’s, Martin is a driver that many recognized and love. At the end of the 2007 period, Mark Martin had 35 wins. Perhaps, most popular for his days behind the wheel of the Valvoline machine, Martin also drove for Team D.E.I.

Kasey Kahne is a NASCAR driver that is getting the attention of followers. In 2004, Kahne raced in all three NASCAR series, consisting of NASCAR, BUSCH, and the Craftsman Truck Series. With Dale Earnhardt Jr. transforming teams, Kasey Kahne has acquired the sponsorship of Budweiser, which is a move that is sure to boost his exposure, as well as his follower base.

There are many other today that are fan favorites, such as Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick, and Kyle Busch. There are even a few women in the racecar driving circuit, including Danica Patrick. If you haven’t noticed, racing has become so mainstreamed with so many followers, that the races are now televised on national television the same way that pro sports are.


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