Significance of NASCAR Race Flags

Towards the beginning of the NASCAR race, be sure to keep an eye on the flagman. He is seen above the track at both the start and the finish line. He is seen waving distinct shaded flags at the drivers as they continue to start their race cars in full zoom. Here is the list of different flags and what they signify.

  • Green Flag: The color green means to go. The flagman starts to wave his flag to begin the race. When the driver sees the green flag, you will find him slamming on the gas pedal before taking off.
  • Yellow Flag: As far as the yellow flag is concerned, it is basically a caution zone as per the officials of NASCAR. There are high chances of accidents or debris taking place on the track which makes driving a bit dangerous. The moment the driver sees this flag, he will understand that he has to slow down and proceed to lining up behind the pace car.
  • Red Flag: This is an indication for drivers to halt on the track. When the flagman waves this particular flag, it signifies that it is unsafe for drivers to surround the track due to poor track situations or inclement weather conditions.
  • Black Flag: Each time the black flag is waved at the driver, it is a notification that he should get off the track and head towards the pits instantly. It means that he could have possibly done something wrong or the car is unfit to be on the track.
  • White Flag: The white flag notifies that the leader of the race is left with only one lap to go in the race.
  • Blue Flag with yellow stripe: The blue flag notifies the driver that a full speed, lead lap car is on the verge of passing him and he should surrender to that car.

  • Checkered Flag: This flag is waved when the driver finishes crossing the finish line and wins the race.
  • Green and white checkered flag: ┬áthis is also known as the green and white checkered finish. In case a race gets into a delayed period, three attempts are given for it to be concluded. The tracks are cleared of debris and field goes green for two lap rounds. A green flag is shown in the first pass and then a white flag on the second round. The checkered flag is shown to indicate that the event is concluded.

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