Things To Pack For A NASCAR Race

There is no denying that a NASCAR race is filled with a whole lot of fun. However, if you are entering a race for the first time, you can consider the handy list of the things to carry and the rest to leave behind.

  •         Carrying binoculars during a race is an excellent option regardless of where you are seated. You may have the best seats, but it is not easy to see the car, drivers, and teams up close. If it’s a bigger track, it’s even more difficult. Hence binoculars are a must.
  •         A camera which has a telephoto lens is another addition to the list of things to bring when watching a race. This helps in bringing the action closer. It will give you a bigger and clearer picture as far as the tracks and the cars are concerned.
  •         Earplugs are highly useful especially if you have children. The races of NASCAR are louder with decibel levels that are equivalent to the sound of the engine of an airplane. The most ideal types of sound deterrents to choose include headsets with an ability to muffle the sound.

  •         Carry a raincoat with a hood as umbrellas are prohibited in the grandstands. This is due to the fact that umbrellas get in the way of other people’s view.
  •         Dressing for the weather is another point to consider. It is good to be prepared and to check out the forecast beforehand.
  •         Apply a sunscreen if you are prone to sunburn when watching a race. You are sitting on the aluminum grandstands for hours during the day. If you use a sunscreen, it protects your skin and also prevents skin cancer.
  •         Carry a seat cushion as it makes the car watching experience a more comfortable one.
  •         Carry a whole lot of fluids to keep your body hydrated, especially during hot days. There are several fans that get hospitalized due to heat strokes due to excessive heat. Pack some food from home if you don’t wish to buy it from the venue.

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